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About statistics

Getting into statistics is not simple and the software used for data analysis is often complex. Even if, compared with older versions, the user friendliness of todays popular statistics software has improved and most functions are available without knowledge of a specific program syntax, the best approach to a certain problem is not always obviously.

About SPSS

Apart from general statistics, a part of this website is dedicated to the software SPSS. SPSS is probably one of the most popular software products for data preparation and data analysis. Developed in 1965 at the Stanford university in San Francisco, SPSS is present in the fourteenth version today.

SPSS originally served as an abbreviation for “Statistical Package for the Social Sciences”. Within social science practices, for students of sociology, political science, psychology and economics as well as for practitioners of market research, SPSS can be surely regarded as a standard tool.

About Statistik-Tutorial

Statistik-Tutorial wants to offer guidance on statistical problems and the use of software packages such as SPSS, helping to solve typical problems as they arise in everyday life during processing a concrete setting of tasks.

For the experienced user the so-called “syntax” still provides the preferential way in doing certain things as fast as possible or in an automated way. Additionally, some functions of statistics software still can only be accessed over the program syntax today. Statistik-Tutorial will try to present practical problem solutions for these questions as well.

We wish you a lot of fun with Statistik-Tutorial!